“The Wasp”

***Inspired by a true story, hahaha.***

This afternoon I came home from an appointment. Upon reaching the backyard door I spotted a wasp. This terrified me to the ends of my wits as you can imagine. I quickly ran up the stairs and grab the broom and some hairspray. The hairspray was meant to kill it instantly whereas the broom was meant to be a long-range defensive weapon.

I went back downstairs weapons in hand as I entered the backyard door area. As a tiptoed near the malevolent wasp, I poked it with my broom. That was when I noticed it had a clipped wing and couldn’t fly. I looked at it with mixed emotions.

Suddenly the wasp’s beady little bug eyes started staring into my own eyes despairingly. I was agape.

“Come on, wasp.. Don’t look at me like that…”

I couldn’t let this wasps mind games get to me. I had to get rid of it!

So I opened the door and started swatting at it, with such intense fervor. And much fearful yelping and screaming.

About half an hour later I heard a buzzing sound and the wasp suddenly went flying right out the door. Hmph! I thought it couldn’t fly! It was faking it after all.

But no matter! I was able to conquer it and I celebrated my victory with lots of ice cream and pie.

The End


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