The Origami Wall (A Parody of The Yellow Wallpaper)


8:30 AM

I was laid off from my job on Friday. On Saturday, a few friends told me that in situations like this, I should start a journal. So, here I am, writing away about my adventures in the Unemployment Line. Wow, that sounds so corny.

It’s the first Monday in 5 years straight that I’ve spent all day at home. I guess it won’t kill me, if only for one day, to relax and then get on with my job hunt.

5:30 PM

Today I went back to my old hobby of making origami dolphins. Ahhhh…. You have no idea how refreshing that is. I remember back in my younger years (back when I had significantly less friends) spending my weekends just de-stressing over some origami.


8:30 AM

My job hunt has officially begun! I found and applied to a few jobs for the local newspaper. Hopefully I hear from them soon. A friend of mine called me and told me that it’s only been a day; I shouldn’t worry so much. I know I shouldn’t go crazy over it, but at the same time, I have bills to pay, so I have to land something soon.

11:00 AM

I started hanging up my origami animals onto my bedroom wall just now. I thought, to cheer myself up a bit, I could redecorate my room a little.


8:30 AM

Still haven’t heard from anyone. Time to apply for more jobs!  J Certainly not the time to give up hope! I think I’ll try broadening my search just a bit. Today, I’ll give those dog walking jobs a try! I do love animals, even though I could never have one of my own because my dad hated them.

3:00 PM

I just finished applying to more jobs. I hope I hear from someone soon. If not, I’ve only been at it for a few days, so it’s not so bad if I don’t.


Okay, it’s been a little over a week, and no word from anyone. It’s okay. I’ve been warned about this. I’ve been prepared for just this kind of situation. While I was still working, I saved and saved in case I ever fell upon this type of circumstance.

DAY 15

12 PM

It’s so beautiful…  I’ve taped all of my beautiful origami creations onto my bedroom wall. I spent about 2 hours brainstorming a pattern and organizing all the origami into a perfect design. They’re folded into all kinds of different animals, colors, and patterns. It’s like a mosaic of colorful folded paper. So vibrant. So immersive. There’s just something about it that puts me at ease.

7:30 PM

I got a call from my parents earlier. It’s still stressing me the hell out. They’re saying they want me to move back in with them. The cost of living is too much to handle when you’ve gone this long without a single source of income. But it hasn’t been that long. I’m sure something will turn up soon. Very soon. Yes, very, very soon.

7:36 PM

It’s starting to get a little stuffy in here. I don’t know why, but I’m beginning to feel hot and short of breath. Maybe I just need fresh air. Maybe I just need to take a walk outside.

9:00 PM

Ahhhhh! That walk felt great! It has been a while since I’ve been outside. You know what else it’s been a while since I’ve done? Origami! Time to go get the construction paper!

DAY 21

9 AM

I’m taking a break from job hunting. Last night, I had a nightmare that a giant goat head in a suit was trying to eat me. It kept repeating over and over and over, “You’ll never amount to anything! You’re a failure!” I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. So I spent the rest of the night folding more origami.




DAY 24

11 AM

I’m so sick of just waiting around and getting nothing accomplished! I’m waiting to hear back from the jobs I’ve been applying to this week!

Waiting for the jobs I looked at last week, and the week before that.

Waiting to get feedback from my friends on that short story I’m working on.

Waiting, waiting, WAITING!

I’m so MAD I could just… I could just… Chew on the decorations on my wall!

1 PM

There! See?! Nom nom nom!! Don’t look at me like that, you stupid dolphins! I see you over there, mocking me!

7 PM

My mother and father had dropped by for a visit. But when they opened the door, they caught me chewing on my origami dolphins and clawing at the walls; they called the men in the white coats to come get me. They’re already inside and they’ve injected some kind of fast-acting sedative into me. I’m afraid I’ll only have a few minutes before the sedative kicks in. So woozy. Hehehehehe…

I’m sorry, my folded paper friends. I’m sorry I attacked you.

It looks like now will be the last time we

see each other again…….





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