Warm Winter, huh?

Ever wonder what could happen during a warm December? Imagine the possibilities! The warmth could open doors to all kinds of things. Good and bad. The change in weather could bring about a worldwide admiration for the beauty of nature, unlike any winter before it. it could inspire union, harmony, and peace.

Imagine… No more war. No more famine. Everyone would do their part and everyone would have a fair chance at life, like we always dreamed would happen someday.


The influence of the climate change could alter people’s mental states drastically. The shock could drive people mad. It could drive people to do things like steal, cheat, maybe even kill.

It could be just like that movie The Purge, and one minute you’re sipping your eggnog, and then the next you hear a knock at the door. As soon as you open it, that neighbor, or that coworker you pulled an embarrassing prank on five years ago pins you to the floor and says, laughing maniacally, “Ho ho ho! Meeerrry Christmas! This year, I’m getting myself the gift of sweet, sweet revenge… Bitch!”

And bam, just like that your brain and body fluids are splattered all across your front door and windows.



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